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The members of the lodge support as a source of knowledge and wisdom about PanGea, freely so that it's universally accessible to all.

Most they are or were members of different arts, sciences, religions, doctrines, philosophies, or well lodges of knowledge and spirituality, which visualize the good that brings the conscious recognition of the perfect order of the Empire of PanGea.




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  • Gatherings, admission to exclusive events of the PanGea Lodge (about the topics of Guiole).
  • PanGea's networks, made by users, be able to see them at the end of their Guipages (main pages of users).
  • Referral plan, get the 10% of the contributions made by users that use your referrer ID.
  • Life Member, it's transferable to your heir if you die before the age of 30 since you obtained this membership.


There is an elite considered the nobility of the empire, designated and appointed by the ambassadors of PanGea. Every 13 days they meet to celebrate the Guiola's crystallization, fine and elegant artistic and culinary event in charge of the embassies, which they tasting sensual and sensorially with the purpose of sharing experiences, thoughts and ideas based on the philosopher's stone and foundament's basis of the Lodge, the themes of the Guiole: science, art y spirituality en pax (

For additional information, please communicate with the lodge team from, or contact an embassy.



Based on a perfect system of energy factorization through letters intelligently stitched in the time's loom, the Empire reigns to the Being in every living thing of the creation, developed within the universal toroid whose axis is currently in the Earth. For this reason we are transiting the most important episode of our planet.

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The embassies of PanGea

Each holon ( has a lodge founded and sustained by resident members. Its social mission is to spread, in order to add users to whom the Gui will be revealed. Its private and exclusive mission of its members is to deepen the thematics of Guiole, also to sponsor and support activities, events, creators and works that are related to the themes.

The headquarter is located at Oasis PanGea, its location is a mystery (

iso-1 iso-1 iso-a
map-1 map-1 map-1s

Holon A, of birth that nurtures the being.

The embassy is located at Berlin.

iso-2 iso-2 iso-h
map-2 map-2 map-2s

Holon H, of spirit that communicates the breath.

The embassy is located at Bombay.

iso-3 iso-3 iso-k
map-3 map-3 map-3s

Holon K, of abundance that dreams the intuition.

The embassy is located at Buenos Aires.

iso-4 iso-4 iso-o
map-4 map-4 map-4s

Holon O, of flowering that targets the awareness.

The embassy is located at Dubai.

iso-5 iso-5 iso-t
map-5 map-5 map-5s

Holon T, of life force that survives the instinct.

The embassy is located at Hong Kong.

iso-6 iso-6 iso-b
map-6 map-6 map-6s

Holon B, of death that equalizes the opportunity.

The embassy is located at London.

iso-7 iso-7 iso-g
map-7 map-7 map-7s

Holon G, of accomplishment that knows the healing.

The embassy is located at Los Angeles.

iso-8 iso-8 iso-l
map-8 map-8 map-8s

Holon L, of elegance that embellishes the art.

The embassy is located at Madrid.

iso-9 iso-9 iso-p
map-9 map-9 map-9s

Holon P, of universal water that purifies the flow.

The embassy is located at Monaco.

iso-10 iso-10 iso-u
map-10 map-10 map-10s

Holon U, of heart that loves the loyalty.

The embassy is located at Moscow.

iso-11 iso-11 iso-d
map-11 map-11 map-11s

Holon D, of magic that plays the illusion.

The embassy is located at New York.

iso-12 iso-12 iso-i
map-12 map-12 map-12s

Holon I, of free will that influences the wisdom.

The embassy is located at Paris.

iso-13 iso-13 iso-m
map-13 map-13 map-13s

Holon M, of space that explores the wakefulness.

The embassy is located at Roma.

iso-14 iso-14 iso-r
map-14 map-14 map-14s

Holon R, of timelessness that enchants the receptivity.

The embassy is located at Sao Paulo.

iso-15 iso-15 iso-y
map-15 map-15 map-15s

Holon Y, of vision that creates the mind.

The embassy is located at Seoul.

iso-16 iso-16 iso-e
map-16 map-16 map-16s

Holon E, of intelligence that questions the fearlessness.

The embassy is located at Shanghai.

iso-17 iso-17 iso-j
map-17 map-17 map-17s

Holon J, of navigation that evolves the synchronicity.

The embassy is located at Singapore.

iso-18 iso-18 iso-n
map-18 map-18 map-18s

Holon N, of endlessness that reflects the order.

The embassy is located at Sydney.

iso-19 iso-19 iso-s
map-19 map-19 map-19s

Holon S, of self-generation that catalyses the energy.

The embassy is located at Tokyo.

iso-20 iso-20 iso-z
map-20 map-20 map-20s

Holon Z, of universal fire that illuminates the life.

The embassy is located at Zurich.


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