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You are a graphic universal interface with the NOW, exact time of what it supposes it is and you think it is your outside world, be it when you think you live reality or dreams, from HERE, in the sensory creation made in your space of PanGea.

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Read the Yosoy of the Guiday, each day. Its mandate programs the correct animation of all vibrations, especially with those that you hold sensorial damping of energy. When you wake up is the best time to read Guiday (much better if you recite and memorize it).


Contact Yoguis, whose Yosoys belong to your Guiola. They share the same frequency wave of energetic factorization (they vibrate in continuous telepathic correspondence), therefore they share the same pattern of behavior. They will be your best relationships. Available for users.

Universal poem

At light speed, the energy is animated, and to that of the Guion its crystallization is edited.


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