Marilyn Monroe / modeling to Gea

Every day a celebrity models the Gui of the day. Her picture in HD quality is yours by €10.

Can print it for your private use, but not resell.

50% of the fundraiser is for charitable causes and public emergencies, the rest is for realization and dissemination.


13:20 - 13:28

July 26 begins the cycle of 13 moons of 28 days, plus a bridging day that unites the years. The Yogui of that day becomes Yono of the year, and every day Yogui is a new one. From the love between Yono and Yogui, on day 6 of the moon arises the Gui R1Y7.

Graphic Universal Interface
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pax-guiyo pax-guiyo
Year R1, moon 8, day 6
Wednesday 12, february 2020
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Model the Gui
The WhoWillBe? modeling agency treats sponsors and chooses the beautiful women who appear modeling the Gui. If you are interested, contact the selectors.



Helping to pangea.space with the diffusion, communication and sustainability of the calendar, so that it is known throughout the world in the shortest possible time.

Priority, know and spread the calendar

For the proper use of the calendar, experience the knowledge available in pangea.space. You will know PanGea and the true time that programs your Being by your own experience. Today is a good day to start.

I Am

Every day pangea.space informs you about the Guiday, programs the "I Am" of the Earth, and influences in the Gui of everyone. Its reading will make you cognizable its existence and its programming as the yours of birth, and these in relation to that of each living being.


There are 13 lunations, not 12 menstruations, and they occur every 28 days. Readjusting women to the PanGea calendar is the most important about its spread.

Women's blood nourishes babies and inherits human dna. If all women lived their their blood purification cycle, such as lunations of PanGea, the species would be perfected. We are created in the gestation matrix of women. Therefore, as we have been gestated within, influences as we become outside, in the matrix of the world, the Earth.

Old and new time

The Gregorian calendar, at its time of creation, was the best solution for war and business planning, issues that during the historical period were matters of patriarchy, and in the prehistoric, of matriarchy.

Adopting PanGea, calendar to achieve Pax, the time of peace, will serve you a lot, and as long as the world uses the gregorian, use it well, if possible, only for your worldly affairs.


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