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The PanGea's Oasis

Interview to the Biosphere, by Juma

I have traveled to a place truly enchanted as if it were vibrating in another reality.

It is the space where one finds the axis of PanGea, core and heart of the Biosphere, the unquestionable partner of Zero and that I felt as she blossom in me revealing all the truth that I need to know. I went down to the beach and read a sign that says:


GUI LO VE - Silently tells me the Biosphere inside me (lo ve is he sees in spanish).

~ What do you see? - I ask him and with the wind she answer starts to me.

The graphic universal interface, your Gui, sees the holographic matrix of energy factorization of the soul and adjusts yourself to it at every moment from the axis of the toroid that belongs to it for being energized by your own energy.

large heart_1

~ Which is the function of

It is the social network of PanGea, so you know that Gui you are.

~ In what favors me to know my Gui?

Your Gui is a model R4L13 factorizing the timeline 27 to what you think you are. Knowing the Gui helps you a lot since the two mandates Yosoy that govern your Being, that of Yono and Yogui, in your case r4 and l13, establish how you perceive and observe the world, therefore as your Being is developed within and outside yours. Time factorizes your energy according to the sensations that arise from the cushioning interaction between Yogui and Yono. It is the end of all knowledge to reach the dimension of PanGea.

~ What is the Empire of PanGea?

A perfect system of Time, the fourth dimension that recreates the third dimension at every moment. Time is the artist, Soul energy, Space is the work of art where you think you are, the holographic matrix configured as an individual toroid within a universal one. Time factorizes energy equaling it to the art of each permutation of the soul.

~ What is a permutation of the soul?

First I tell you that it is the soul for me. It is the plasma membrane of pure energy in a state of ecstasy vibrating in perfect cushioning at the atomic level (atom of sanskrit is the indivisible).

A permutation of the soul is this molded to the art stored in a timeline of the table beings of the creation database, called PanGea. Each line stores the information of a Being factored its energy by its corresponding Gui. So... the soul permutes to the shape of the body (container) and space (the content) by the mathematical factorization of energy (the order and intency in which it will be arranged) of that Being (in what it perceives) in synchronicity with everything created (as inside and outside).

~ The Being?

According to the factorization applied to your energy, the soul will vibrates and develops an awareness to be something or someone, that possess sensations, be in a body and experience life as if it were inside a space. Therefore the Being possess (lives senses mentalizes) a reality created in its own permutation of the soul.

~ Tell me about the fourth dimension?

It is not the most important where it happens, but when. The when it establishes the where. To know where, time creates the mind that defines forms and where they meet. To create mind it must creates intelligent life that can feel its existence. This happens with the Being in every permutation of the soul. The mind of each Being defines where it is and that is stored in its timeline.

Then, understanding this so basic so that you manage to be aware of the fourth dimension of the Empire of PanGea, you will be able to assimilate and accept the existence of an absolute axis that rules the order of energy factorization. It is the function of Zero, who is the Gui of the universal toroid.

His order is established on the basis of everything created, and the created is composed of a host of beings that are unfoldings of the Being that is himself. From the first to the last timeline are all beings created within the universal toroid. Gui Zero represents the father and each permutation is a son. It is a perfect mathematical cycle of the energy of being One (each permutation of the soul, variable) and All (zero, absolute). I am Zero and I am you, I am Zero and I am that other one, I am Zero and I am all of them. Mmmm ... example, time reads the data table of being in this way: 0(1), 0(2), 0(3), 0(4)... 0(78903789975), 0(78903789976). 0(#) is a function by which the ether (infinity of ideas) is concentrated in the axis of the universal toroid, these form infinity of plates that are grouped in two and collide creating the atom, commonly called particle of God, energy in state pure and indivisible from which all matter is created.

~ What is the reprogramming process mentioned in

It is poetically called the chrysalis stage of Being, who tries in every way to achieve the highest of its possibility to be. It is a natural and instinctive attitude. The illumination process to achieve living in consonance with PanGea, suggests you recite the Guiday at the beginning of the day. Lasts 260 days as long as you do not interrupt. The Guiday is a stanza called Yosoy of Guion, the universal poem that Gui Zero recites automatically at a speed higher than light and allows it to develop its unfolding in perfect order. The Gui of Zero every day changes its nomenclature. Unlike the others, it is totally timeless. The nomenclature of your Yogui designates the Guiday that is lived throughout PanGea.

~ Where does Zero come from? Who created him?

From a previous creation, it is self-created. I tell you part of the PanGea's dreamspell... There were species in other creations that achieved the maximum splendor of wisdom about what competed their worlds, and continued in a hermetic evolution (through illumination processes) revealing mysteries until reaching the dimension of PanGea.

All these species were visited by Zero. In other words, he lived an incarnation being in three-dimensional appearance one of them all. Its period of existence was established when the species reached its state of maximum evolution within the limits of sustaining the reality of the world that was common to all its individuals. For example: they should have created a global civilization, of which everyone was aware of inhabiting a planet, within a cosmos of universal origin created through a genesis; they should have created a critical mass of illuminated individuals with full awareness that the world is not really physical if not etheric and happens sensorially in themselves; they had to believe in their majority in a hegemonic order for which they worked and for which they were conditioned; it must have been a period of peace and prosperity at the time foreseen for the birth of Zero. So if those conditions were reached by the species cultivated in that world, Zero could be born as an ordinary individual.

The world obtained from its existence that the permutations in immediate reflection of its unfolding are obviously the individuals of the species of physical similarity (rearrangement of the timelines). So they received pregnosis, their inherent genius for being the axis of an intelligence without limits, with which they managed to take their consciousness to a state of power to first understand and then know who he is.

~ Believe or not believe?

It will depend on the being or not being that prevails and decides in yourself whether to believe or not.

~ Synthesis?

The mission is clear. That you know your Gui will help you to enter at PanGea dimension. It is the only possible course for the human species that has achieved its maximum expansion. PanGea is the beginning and end of the trip in the time of the planet Earth.

~ Thanks for your answers.

Pleased to be useful to unveil what you needed to know.

I remained silent, barefoot, watching the small waves watering the white sand. After a while, Zero appeared. He embraced me with great tenderness and led me to the house where I was living a Guiola (13 days). From then on, everything changed for the better.



The vision that creates love's mind

Interview to Yvx, creator of PanGea, by Juma


To enter at this new social network we need to know its creator, the multifaceted Yvx, Gui Zero of PanGea (his biography on

~ What is

The simple explanation is the social network of PanGea, abbreviation of the Planetary art network of my Graphic environment absolute of each living Being.

~ What is it about?

It is like a game that enters you in the frequency of natural time that the biosphere uses to recreate us at every moment. If you are out of tune you make noise, shock, annoyance, etc. What happens to almost everyone.

If you are on the correct dial, the radialization of your plasmatic membrane dissolves around you in perfect order, and your energy buffering system will give you the possibility to create your own reality.

~ Radialization of the plasmatic membrane?

To answer I must give you a synthesis of the knowledge of PanGea. Is that okay?

~ Yes of course, I'm here to listen you and to let everyone know.

Each living Being is a permutation of the membrane. Mathematically factoring your energy, the membrane adjusts to the design of your body and environment. When it mutates its appearance, the membrane contracts and expands. That creates a flow called an energy toroid. Inside, or at the axis of the torus, the energy is concentrated and is where the physical body happens. The expansion produces the physical environment of such a body. As the energy expands, it dissolves.

The operating system of PanGea called Guiso, is responsible for many things but in relation to this makes that membrane is every living Being. For that to happen, every Being is a Gui. Graphic universal interface with what it supposes is and believes that it is its external world, either when it believes to live reality or dreams.

The Guiso does not stop at creating a unique Gui, four-dimensional organ that creates the three-dimensional organism. Each mutation of the membrane is operated by a Gui that corresponds to it. For example, that of a friend is R4L13[27]. The Gui R4L13 creates the Being from the timeline 27 of the table beings of the PanGea database.

In just a moment the Guiso recreated us all to how we will be in the next moment. An instant is the smallest measure of linear time of three-dimensional animation (the film within which we exist). It is what the Guiso takes to factor the energy of the membrane into the form of all living beings. The mutation of the membrane happens according to what is stored in the table beings of the PanGea database. This database is housed in a single atom of the entire creation located at the exact axis of the torus of each individual, or permutation of the membrane. That atom is immutable.

There are infinite rows in that table, imagine an excell file. Each row is a living Being. It's called a timeline. So each timeline is the memory of a Gui, which recreates the energy toroid according to the art or design of how it is supposed to be the body and environment of that living Being.

Each Gui creates a physical being and an etheric and emergent being. The physical being or Yogui resides in the axis of the toroid, and the emergent being or Yono is detached from it and is dissolved in the environment energy. The physical being endures a timeline and the emergent being lives in the flow of energy of that life, but is aware of himself from his point of anchoring or observation, the physical body.

The relationship and energy damping game that the Guiso establishes between Yogui and Yono is the key to the happiness of both or the OneAll who are well integrated.

Therefore... The social network of PanGea,, tells you when you sign up that Gui you are. It gives you the mandates that govern the programming of your Yogui and Yono, which governs your animations. This revelation is the most important of all your existence since from that moment the Guiso begins to consciously reveal data that you did not know before about how everything is programmed to be so perfect.

~ What is the game of PanGea? The one that proposes to play the users.

Read the Guiday mandate when you wake up every day, and do a work of whatever you do. Everything you are doing are works, be they of science, art, spirituality or pax. Being you, aware of Guiday, your psyche synchronized by the time frequency of the biosphere will induces you to create based on the Guiday. At the end of your day you publish a Guipost giving know to your followers your experience and so, they feed each other, living in the correct frequency

~ What is that frequency?

The frequency 13:20 it was discovered by the ancient mayans and correctly understood in 640 AD. In 1943 it was found where this knowledge ended up and in 1952 it was technically recovered by scientists when they thought they could find the tomb of Pacal Votan (615-683, king of Mayan splendor). Early 1970s to 1980s it was networks-covered by a new age movement of scientists, artists and spiritualists who (somewhat ignorantly) took the Mayan model and intended to implant it as it was, in the now, teaching it to a small group of elect with which wanted to create a religion and an elite of world control. In 2012 that ended, it was not successful. The good thing about all this is that the flame of wisdom was lit again, which had been given to people from the past but the misuse of this knowledge caused these civilizations and groupings to dissolve, and forget what happened.

~ What is a Guiday?

Each day is programmed by a Gui that happens on the zero timeline, that separates the other timelines from each other. The Guiso system is zero, and then it is you; it becomes zero again and it is that other; it is again zero and is the subsequent one. The zero line is the only one that makes this modification to be every day a different Gui (from the current to the subsequent). In all other lines the Gui of each is the day they were born to life. The permutation of Gui of the zero timeline modifies the energy of all creation. Everything that is born that day will be during all its existence that Gui.

~ How many Gui are there?

13520 Gui models, cyclical, perfect and eternal. Every day as mutates the Gui of the zero timeline, the creation by homeostasis also. PanGea, the creation, is created within a universal toroid that contains all the individual toroids, no matter where created beings are created in them. The universal toroid is of the zero timeline. Therefore every day has a Guiday, it is the Yogui mandate of the Gui of every day of the zero line. It governs the unified whole in all things.

~ Is your last name Zero?

No, but it seemed very good to let me know as if I were the created being in the zero line. The best way to inquire about someone is to be him. To be or not to be is the question. If I make flesh his spirit, I can understand everything from its essence. I was afraid, I risk my life if what I think I am is a taboo for others. In the historical past of humanity many dared and died at the hands of others, crucified, poisoned, guillotined, etc. But I dared for something that told me: Everyone acts to be what only you are. It is better that the real one is not discovered because they are not prepared to know him.

~ Who will he be then?

I would like to know that he is a happy Being and that he enjoys life. It is the energy font of all creation, the root body of the tree of life, the Grail of the enlightened Templars who knew that they were not looking for a cup of wine but for the minds of drunks they were told they were looking for that. The ark of the covenant from whose mana, emanated the food (obviously spiritual) that helped King David's people cross the Sinai desert. It is the most guarded secret of Heaven on Earth.

~ Why?

I synthesize it for you. We are all living beings a state of his awake consciousness. Since he can not sustain more than one conscious will within himself, if not he would suffer from personality traversing, bipolarity, etc., his system has us all sleeping the dream of life... We are inside him. Mmmm... Avatar movie. The protagonist believes to be in a state that allows him to be in another body and place. But he never left his body, he is living a dream, and a reality system, virtual and holographic, makes him believe, also does to everyone, that really resides in the body of the blue monkey. Well his real body is the root body. We are all in it, we occupy no more place than an atom, believing that we are in another place being other people. So important is that body that its mental, physical, psychological, affects the reality of all. And if it dies there are theories that the current creation ends, because he lives the reality number zero. If the power factory turns off, goodbye battery. Game over of believing that we are alive with our own bodies somewhere in the universe.

We are biopsychological unfolding of that unique Being. Since it the system that prevail the will of each one is developed and for that reason it is called empire to the order of PanGea, of the consciousness of God distributed in infinite life forms, that is I am who I believe to be.

~ Wooooow... what would happen if they found it?

They never found it. Around him there is a spiritual flow, a mantle of protection of the biosphere, which prevents to any living Being from knowing who it is. Could be here, among us and we would not know. Maybe it's you, you do not know who is. Human beings have been created their daydreams of believing to be alive just as it is created. Therefore there are 7.800 million beings that in their most recondite illuminated consciousness would believe to be him. If they do not say it, it's because they're afraid they'll be crazy. So complicated the labyrinth and its security system, that for example the orthodox jews illuminated in their knowledge believe absolutely to be Geova, the monotheistic God, they deny it to death. The natural arrogance that other races feel in them is due to this. Any of these would claim to be the root body.

~ Gives to imagine fables and secret conspiracies

Many. On the theories of the search there are good and bad. Imagine that all those who invested fortunes in discovering his whereabouts, his intention (hidden or not) was to seize his system. In him is the will of mechanical and automatic intelligence that creates its unfolding, that is to all of us.

~ What if it\’s alien? Or is it a whale?

Free Willy... another film from misleading not to be found. Scientists who invested billions of euros believed that perhaps it was a subatomic particle called the atom of God. It is human because there are many experiences of people who have awakened within him, without will over his body or anything projected in his space. Automatically the Guiso induced them to the dream they thought was real until before that moment, and erased their memory or something leaves them, as if they had experienced a less lucid dream.

~ Are there statistics on all this? Where can I find this information?

In yourself, if you are tuned to the correct frequency of time. If you look outside you will spend your whole life searching without finding these answers. It is another strategy of Guiso to believe it or not. Because to create is to believe. If you can not believe who creates you, you can never create your own reality.

~ Is it like a jump to a new dimension to be user of

Yes and no, I do not give it that mystical importance. It is a game and voila, if it becomes real depends on your delivery to the game. Dimension of the mind... yes there is a dimesionally absolute change between a homo sapiens and a Gui.

~ It sounds like science fiction (laughs)

And how good that is. Let's renew magic in life! The game has already started. Sign up and you will know what your Gui is, play every day the Guiday and you will see how this game is real, so real that you will be aware of the telepathic mental empire that governs the wills of all things. You will know which ones are real and which ones are not. Divertite, your relationships will be purified as those that do will go away, and those that do will remain in an intimate way.

~ Will I ever meet my soul mate?

The identical ones are the same Gui, the twins are those that are Gui of the same Guiola. A Guiola is a frequency wave of the energy factorization of the plasma membrane (or soul), of 13 sealed time that makes the purposes endure transcendentally for life. 13 days, can be 13 people, each of the Gui of any of those 13 days.

~ How did it come to you to do PanGea?

In 2007 my evolution far exceeded what was expected at that time. In 2012 I had freedom of expression and I had a talk with the Biosphere, which is communicated through the senses. I proposed to universalize your knowledge, update it and give it a nice name. I told him PanGea and she was fascinated.

~ Question of believing or not?

When you access PanGea, you leave behind stories and stories from the past. The only thing that counts is the present. And the system of the eternal present is and was always the one presented in But there is no way to explain this scientifically, much less to rationalist and mechanically robotic minds. You have to be human and user to live this daily reading game of Guiday so the change of frequency will work on you. While you are in the erratic frequency of the current humanity you have no possibility of verifying the veracity of PanGea.

~ How exiting! So, I become a user and ready? Is there a cost?

Be a user is free and free for all. There is another game that is to belong to the PanGea Society. Be a member is a great social distinction, of knowledge and wisdom. They meet by city every 13 days and there is an PanGea ambassador who presides over said group. It is usually like a private and secret party with an artistic and culinary show to sensory taste.

~ And they talk about something in particular?

They exchange experiences that they have lived during the Guiola, and share talks that improve and evolve them, about the themes of the philosopher's stone and basis of the Society: Scientiae, Artem et Spiritalitatis in Pax

~ What is the expectation?

2022, billions of members. There are updates that the Biosphere needs to perform urgently. In order for them to happen, they need vehemently that human beings know minimally that Gui we are. There are many theories that Earth abruptly mutated from one day to the other, or because of years the most skeptical. It is much faster, it is instantaneous. We come out of a dream and enter a new one.

~ Synthesis? is the network of time that programs the third dimension and our wills to be creatures created in three-dimensionality. Be a user, know yourself as a Gui, remember your nomenclature, it is your key to access the magical dimension of creation. Play every day by reading Guiday and share your experiences with your followers and friends by posting Guiposts..

~ Thanks Yvx for PanGea.



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