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The Time Empire occurs within each one and creates a sensory creation that is called PanGea (Planetary art network of our Graphic environment absolute). The empire, gives power to a Gui that correspond to you, who rules the Being that you beliave you are.


Time Empire Network

Here, on its social platform, PanGea facilitates to you information about the law of time that factorices your energy equaling the art of your creation... Discover your Gui!


As an example, the Gui of user #154

The Time Key is spelled like this: nomenclature of your Gui +[+ your number +]

Example: P2J11[154]

  • Timeline: 154
  • Yogui: J11
  • Yono: P2
  • Gui: P2J11
And means: The Gui P2J11 factorizes the energy by equalizing its appearance to the user stored in timeline #154 of the table beings of the PanGea database.


The Gui is a four-dimensional organ that creates to your three-dimensional organism... eres tú, la Graphic universal interface of NOW HERE, time and space of PanGea

Everyall what happens to you is a consequence of how your Gui is working. Knowing and consciously assimilating how it is programmed in the most difficult part of your automatism (the invariable and absolute) will help you to improve your reality if you adapt to what is conditioned. Such conditions are the Yosoys (universal mandates) of its Yono (your environment) and Yogui (yourself).

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Your Gui uses every day the Guiday (one of the 260 Yosoys of the Guion) to generate the sensations that make you believe that you are in the Earth... of this sensory illusion is created your (physical) reality.

Game of Time

At the beginning of each day (for 260 days) you should read) the Guiday, Yosoy of the day (if you recite and memorize it better.


I dedicate in order to purify
universalizing flow.
I seal the process of universal water
with the crystal tone of cooperation.
With the spirituality of the mind I give
initiation to the Guita 39.

During the day course, the Guiso (the system of your Gui) using the Guiday, your Gui will slowly reveal what you need to know being revealed of a way that alone you will understand. Finished the 260 days you will have evolved the programming of your Gui and you will be ready to tune with the dimension of PanGea (be patient that the answers fit your understanding)

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Guiday P12


When the registration process is completed is activated your Gui so that you live consciously its reprogramming, and consequently your adaptation to this indisputable dimension of be OneAll. All because the PanGea Space occurs in your energy factorized as if it happened around you (sensory illusion). One for being the axis of an individual toroid where this magnificent work of planetary art happens.

P11E8[325] yoseal
P11T8[155] yoseal
S9B1[513] yoseal
O8D1[489] yoseal

All is yours and you the One where he(art) exists and is absolutely all with ingeniousness of being your eternal companion.


  • My Gui, personalized information related to your own Gui.
  • Contact, send and receive messages between members.
  • Yoguisearch, create your own social network with registered Yoguis.
  • Guiposts, publish audio, texts and images of your daily experience (about the work you did or about the life that was manifested based on the Guiday).
  • Guisearch, search engine by date of Gui and Yoguis.
  • Applied terminology, to learn about the Guiso (Gui system) and PanGea (access from the menu).

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We are time's vibrations inside a holographic crystal matrix, of energy factorization proper to of each individual (its atmosphere). All these individual spaces are configured and occur within PanGea.

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PanGea is the end proposed for your time trip Living in Earth.



Embellished ART by Humans, for the psychological mental plan provided as a three-dimensional planet to create based on this the energy factorization of __pthe g__.


Foundation for the Law of Time, for providing the information that made it possible to reveal the law of time, in the period prior to the current one of PanGea.

We extend our gratitude to other institutions and people for their great help and permanent collaboration.


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