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With science of life creating art of the senses to achieve spirituality of the mind in the pax of the time, the creation occurs within the universal toroid and is called PanGea. From its axis the order is given and it is in the Earth.

Therefore the empire of PanGea invites you to be conscious of your Gui, (graphic universal interface) and the system that it use to recreate yourself in the eternal here and now.


When the registration process is completed is activated your Gui so that you live consciously its reprogramming process, and consequently your adaptation to this indisputable dimension of the OneAll living the reality of human being.

P7Z13[276] yoseal
P13D12[0] yoseal
P4I6[82] yoseal
R12O4[278] yoseal

All because the PanGea Space occurs in your energy factorized as if it happened around you (sensory illusion). One for being the axis where this magnificent work (of planetary art) happens.


  • My Gui, personalized information related to your own Gui.
  • Contact, send and receive messages between members.
  • Yoguisearch, create your own social network with registered Yoguis.


As an example, the Gui of user #229

The user identification is is spelled like this: nomenclature of your Gui +[+ your number +]

Example: S6R7[229]

And means: The Gui S6R7 factorizes the energy by equalizing its appearance to the user stored in timeline #229 della tabella delle permutazioni di Being del database PanGea.


Your "Gui" is a four-dimensional organ that creates to your three-dimensional organism.

Everyall what happens to you is a consequence of how your Gui is working. Knowing and consciously assimilating how it is programmed in the most difficult part of your automatism (the invariable and absolute) will help you to improve your reality if you adapt to what is conditioned. Such conditions are the Yosoys (universal mandates) of its Yono (your environment) and Yogui (yourself).

pax-guiyo pax-guiyo yoseal

Your Gui uses every day the Guiday (mandate Yosoy of the universal poem the Guion) to generate the sensations that make you believe that you are in the Earth... of this sensory illusion is created your (physical) reality. At the beginning of each day (for 260 days) you should read (if you memorize it better) the Guiday, Yosoy of the day. During the day course, the Guiso (the system of your Gui) using the Guiday, as if your Gui were the superior self (whatever belief or conviction you hold of something superior: supreme being, nature, yourself, etc.) will slowly reveal what you need to know being revealed of a way that alone you will understand. Finished the 260 days you will have evolved the programming of your Gui and you will be ready to tune with the dimension of PanGea. Do not look for answers in other humans (there are no teachers, no scholars or facilitators of the PanGea wisdom), it is a chrysalis process (you will be hermetically protected) of induced self-disclosure by reading the Guiday (be patient that the answers fit your understanding)



Reigns to the Being in every living thing of the current creation called PanGea, developed within the universal toroid whose axis is currently in the Earth (for the life period of a human being). For this reason we are transiting the most important episode of the Earth.

The Empire of PanGea is presented for the first time and only to ensure that all human beings as mental delegates of the Earth sustainment (task they are doing automatically and unconsciously) know how the Empire governs the behavior of the superior self of each individual through the Gui that each one possesses and connects them to PanGea in perfect harmony.

Click, to read about it.


It is the graphic environment absolute proper to each individual (his atmosphere). All spaces of the holographic matrix are configured and occur within PanGea. In your Gui everything is stored for being his graphic environment, absolute for hosting everyone in different times and dimensions. From his sensory cushioning between are born his unfoldings or shinings, which are intepreted and it is each individual no matter where he thinks he is. For that is very important for each space that vibrates in harmony with the individual (no space is factorizated in the time of another).

Click here to know about: The first PanGea space

Probably the most important thing to understand is that we are vibrations of energy inside a container of holographic crystal, which if you wanted to accede to the dimension of PanGea without your previous harmonization and tuning to her energy factorization, you would be rejected and automatically come back to the dimension of Earth. PanGea is the end proposed for your trip in the time Living in the Earth.


In a personal way or the activities that develop, they collaborate in different areas of If you want to be a part send an email to commenting that you can contribute. Then those who chose to appear:

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Planet art network of my Graphic environment absolute